EVISCAN – the product

High-Tech Innovation for Crime Scene Investigation

Protective Cover
Available either as mechanical door or as a light grid to guarantee full security for users.
3-Axis Scanning
For easy movement of the scanning head and fully automated flatscans.
Solid and robust enclosure in excellent quality to best protect EVISCAN’s sensitive electronic components.
The high-resolution screen allows to immediately evaluate and enhance latent trace evidence.
Scanning Head
EVISCAN’s core technology: the scanning head is high-tech made in Germany.
Work Space
The clean designed work space prevents from light reflections to achieve best results.
Work Table
Made of toughened glass that repels dirt and is easy to clean. The work table is adjustable in height, thus even big exhibits can be processed in an ergonomic and comfortable way.
Powerful PC with cutting-edge built-in processing and enhancement software.
Secure standing that absorbs vibration. Four rollers make possible to easily move EVISCAN in indoor spaces.

Quality product of German engineering and technology

EVISCAN has been developed and approved in cooperation with German Criminal Police Offices. This sample of German engineering offers the state-of-the-art solution for forensics to examine crime scene exhibits in an easy and efficient way. It has been awarded with several eligible prizes such as a main prize in the startup competition “IKT Innovativ” and the “red dot design award 2012”. EVISCAN is a quality product certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

EVISCAN yields faster results

EVISCAN merges all the different steps commonly made in a conventional forensic laboratory into just one digital workflow. No pretreatment of any kind is necessary, hence the need of standby times is eliminated. The automated flatscan feature identifies points of interest. A high resolution manual scan helps to zoom in on the details.
Plus, EVISCAN supports most file types for the digital output of results. Thereby, time-consuming extra steps such as photography and digitalization of the trace evidence found are no longer required.


EVISCAN guarantees health in the forensic laboratory

Most traditional methods to generate a contrast between latent prints and the substrate require numerous aids. These include respirable powders, aggressive chemicals or fumes, several of them hazardous to our health. EVISCAN instead resolves the challenges forensics face today by using sophisticated high-tech. With only some mouse clicks EVISCAN can obtain results in a purely optical scanning process. Thereby it ensures full security and control for the user.

EVISCAN convincing in theory and practice

To good to be true? We offer the possibility to experience live how EVISCAN detects, enhances, and preserves fingerprints with neither physical contact nor use of chemical agents or any prior treatment. Therefore, register now for your own online demonstration !