German eForensics GmbH

The company.


Our company

German eForensics is a new high-tech company committed to developing- and providing innovative solutions for crime scene investigation. Founded in 2012 in the “Technologiezentrum Koblenz”, which is home to many startups in the field of technology, we are set in a creative and dynamic environment seeking new ways to face today’s challenges. In EVISCAN, we developed the first technology in the world to detect, enhance and preserve latent traces and evidences in a non-contact way without any need for chemical treatment.

Our achievements

Awarded with many eligible prizes, among which are a first prize in the founding competition “ikt innovativ” initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, a reddot design award and the prize for innovation “Innovationspreis-IT”, we are inspired to continuously improve EVISCAN. Our company cooperates with renowned research partners such as Fraunhofer institutes, international universities and crime agencies in Germany, Europe and abroad. At German eForensics, experts dedicated to different scientific areas combine their resources and know-hows to create high-quality products “manufactured in Germany”.

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

by Alan Kay

Our mission

We support forensic scientists worldwide in the constant improvement of investigations and crime solving. Together with our employees, we use innovative services and electronic forensic products to work on this every day and we create benchmarks for forensic science.

Our vision

We want to be the partner of choice for forensic scientists and investigators in our field of business. We understand our customers' requirements to the last detail and we use this knowledge to create a worldwide standard in IT forensics which helps our customers to carry out their work with more precision and faster results. To us, more efficient working also means shorter processing times and resource saving in order to benefit from all advantages.

The focus of the development work in our company is the globally renowned contactless innovation for preserving fingerprint evidence – EVISCAN.

If you can´t explain it to me in simple words, then you didn´t understand it well enough!

by Albert Einstein


Looking forward.

We want to be the best German supplier for electronic forensic products and services. We ensure economic success through costumer-relevant innovation leadership and a focus on performance.

A new generation.

We search for, we are and we support talents. We utilize our fundamental values to identify these potentials and to continuously expand our resources with them. We want to be attractive colleagues, superiors and employers for our talents.

Cooperation and contentment.

It is important to us that our customers, employees and partners are content. To achieve this, we handle expectations openly and plan and analyze their implementation. Identified potentials for improvement are handled with consistency. In this, we do not shy away from the discourse of being “tough on issues, but soft on people”. We respect each other as individuals and strive for joint conflict management and problem solving.

Freedom and responsibility.

Freedom and responsibility are the fundamental values of our corporate culture. Through them we strive for excellence. We provide and use freedom to always question the existing, to create new things and to plan for the future. We are committed to targeted, independent working and support behavior and abilities which enable this. To minimize complexity, we only implement rules where they are needed.

Down to earth.

Our work is characterized by open and honest communication, commitment, curiosity, courage and passion. Every day we aspire to achieve great things together.

Pioneering spirit.

We appreciate flexibility and efficiency in order to be dynamic. We research new concepts and quickly adapt to changes without clinging to vested rights while accepting mistakes as a chance for continuous learning. We define processes for known issues and quickly and recurrently reiterate the need for continuous improvement.