Preserving latent prints on curved surfaces – new possibilities with EVISCAN

Time and again we were asked lately if it is possible to analyze evidences with a curved surface like batteries or gun cartridges with EVISCAN. Being constantly on the look-out for new challenges and striving to satisfy the customers’ and clients´ wishes, we intensely worked on that question and carried out several tests as well as pushed the development.

Confront EVISCAN with an exciting Challenge!

At EVISCAN, we are always looking for new projects and ideas to find solutions for challenges our customers face and to extend our technology for new and relevant functions. You can support us and benefit from this at the same time.

Real-life testing of EVISCAN

Today, forensic experts and crime scene technicians can avail of a number of methods to secure latent fingerprints on exhibits. The application of chemicals has proved worthy for different types of surfaces. Thus, powder, Cyanoacrylate, Ninhydrin, Indandione etc. are part of daily routine at the crime scene as well as in the lab.

Double challenge: Overlapping Latent Prints on Specular Surfaces

These days, smartphones are constant companions which serve us in all matters: whether it is the purchase of a bus ticket, the usage of social media, reading and writing emails, or the usage of another useful app which simplifies our daily life. Many prints can be found on those devices.