UV/VIS ScanKit

UV/VIS ScanKit for pretreated evidence

UV/VIS ScanKit

with 4 individual light sources
for pretreated evidence

Latent print secured with the UV/VIS ScanKit

Latent print

secured with the UV/VIS ScanKit
3 Minutes

Even porous, pretreated exhibits can be secured with EVISCAN. Our UV/VIS ScanKit supports and simplifies forensic identification of exhibits and optimizes laboratory processes. The supplementary kit includes four light sources and filters in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum. The light sources can be equipped according to customer specifications and preferred contrasting agents.

The UV/VIS ScanKit enables you to use EVISCAN as a photographic processing center: dyes and pretreated prints will become visible. You can photograph the traces for further processing in AFIS or dactyloscopic examination. The prints will immediately be analyzed by EVISCAN and preserved with our automatic documentation – regardless of whether the trace is pretreated or untreated. Moreover the device can be installed on the side of the scan head for flexible usage. The highly flexible swivel arm provides optimal position for the examination of almost every exhibit.

To get an illustrative impression of our UV/VIS ScanKit watch the following video: