EVISCAN helps Syrian refugees to feel welcomed in Germany

German eForensics supports refugees from Syria with charity campaign

help refugees

Please allow us to not present yet another new EVISCAN feature in this Christmas issue. Whenever we have the chance to meet customers and partners from all over the world, we would be impressed with the kind way they welcome us and our new EVISCAN technology to their country. In the same way, we would like to take the opportunity to convey that feeling of being welcomed for people who escaped Syria and took refuge in Germany.

Therefore our team at German eForensics spontaneously decided to provide help and supported six refugees to equip their apartment in Koblenz. From furniture to clothing to bicycles we collected a lot of different basic things of daily use. Susanne Thorn from Caritas Koblenz evaluated the charity campaign as positive: “The personal commitment to the refugees helped to make them forget the most urgent needs and worries for a while and to make them feel comfortable in their new neighborhood. People often have to face huge problems and miserable conditions when they come to Koblenz. We highly appreciate support in the way German eForensics provided it.” We would like to help and accompany these refugees on their way to settle in Koblenz and to establish and maintain a mutual cultural exchange. It is only the dialogue with other cultures that allows us tounderstand each other and grow together.

EVISCAN christmas card