Latent prints on plastics

fingerprint on computer mouse detected with eviscan


Plastic, convex
6 Minutes

fingerprint on shopping bag detected with eviscan


18 Minutes

fingerprint on smartphone detected with eviscan


4 Minutes


Plastics and synthetic organics are an integral part of everyday life. They make up a myriad of materials with different properties, including many that are malleable so that they can be irreversibly deformed without breaking. Consequently, the range of application possibilities of plastics is vast. PP, PE, PC or PET are only few of the materials we daily encounter. Especially when processed into smooth and non-porous surfaces, fingerprint evidence is left behind on plastics.

Latent fingerprint residues on items made of synthetics therefore can be processed and preserved with EVISCAN in a self-contained workflow. These could be fingerprints not just on PET bottles or mouse devices but on various kinds of foils, packaging materials or garbage bags and more.