How EVISCAN works


Complete 3 steps at 1 workstation

eviscan detects fingerprints

Whereas conventional techniques involve plenty of chemical agents and adhesives with many of them hazardous to health, EVISCAN eliminates the need of any prior treatment. Consequently, neither evidence is altered nor does the examination have an effect on the user’s health.

With EVISCAN, non-porous and semi-porous items and even large and heavy objects such as fire distinguishers can easily be processed. Simply place exhibits on the height-adjustable working table, which is made of easy-to-clean, toughened glass, and take control of the scan head via mouse or keyboard.

Some plane surfaces can even be inspected automatically, with EVISCAN auto-detecting fingerprint patterns and suggesting areas of interest to the operator. For very complex objects, xyz-positioning, excitation intensity and detector settings can be controlled manually, to optimize results.


eviscan enhances fingerprints

Enhance detected prints on the spot, with cutting-edge image processing software, and with full control over parameters such as brightness, contrast and inversion. EVISCAN enhances prints with fingerprint-specific, state-of-the-art enhancement algorithms that boost ridge detail and suppress background interference.

Other tools support digital-print isolation and preparation for later expert examination or for AFIS upload. And EVISCAN facilitates airtight documentation: every single operation to an original image is automatically saved to an encrypted log and can be reversed, even years later.


eviscan preserves fingerprints

Add a scale to a fingerprint automatically. Capture overview photos showing the position and orientation of traces. Save all traces as high-quality digital images with resolutions of up to 1,000 ppi, in a variety of different formats (TIFF, BMP, and others).

Save reports, with case information, overview and output images, logs and even raw data, in secure project files. Forward results to examiners and AFIS workstations via networks, USB media or CDs – and complete identifications in record time.

Remember: all steps preserve both exhibits and traces in their original condition, leaving them available for any further analysis. DNA material, and any other important evidence, remains entirely unaffected.

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