Top 10 Universities for Forensic Science (EU and Switzerland)

Over recent years, it has become more and more difficult for students to choose a university at which to study forensics due to the increasing number and varying types of courses available. This short guide highlights some universities across the EU and Switzerland that appear to have the best reputation for forensic science courses.

University of Dundee – Scotland, UK
Ranking first in the UK Complete University Guide Subject Tables 2019 for Forensic Science, Dundee offers multiple forensic science courses, particularly focussed on Forensic Anthropology. Students have the opportunity to study at a specialised centre for Anatomy and Human Identification. Dundee boasts Masters (MSc) courses in Anthropology renowned throughout Europe.

Keele University – England, UK
The focus of Forensic Science courses at Keele University is to prepare students to enter the working world with valuable practical experience and important workplace skills, which may be absent from similar courses at other universities. Keele also allows students to combine studies with a very large variety of other subjects for Dual-Honours or Major/Minor Honours, most of which keep their accreditation by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.

University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Masters courses in Forensic Science are becoming more common as more students want to further their knowledge or specialise past BSc. Amsterdam offer a course that is unique to The Netherlands and focusses on ensuring the scientific success of graduates. The course includes a long scientific study on or off campus, and is very cheap for EU residents compared to most other courses.

University of Strathclyde – Scotland, UK
Coming 2nd for the UK in the Complete University Guide Subject Tables 2019 for Forensic Science, Strathclyde offers well-recognised postgraduate studies, accredited by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. One of the reasons it ranks so highly could be due to its history; the course having being offered for over 50 years making it the longest established degree of this kind in the UK.

Uppsala University – Sweden
Sweden offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in forensics including Forensic Chemistry. The degrees focus on toxicological analysis and genetics and include literature projects. These courses have no cost for tuition to all EU citizens.

Kings College London – England, UK
Ranked 15th best university in Europe, Kings College London is held in very high esteem. The prestigious forensic science masters course from this university is very well connected, one example being the Metropolitan Police Forensic Services Directorate.

Université de Lausanne (UNIL) – Switzerland
This Swiss university offers a Forensic Science BSc taught in French. It has connections to the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). The course integrates a range of subjects from biology to electronic engineering.

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences – Germany
Taught in German and English, this university offers a BSc course focussing on chemistry and biology. It has been reaccredited by ASIIN (German accreditation association) until 2022 and is sure to offer valuable practical experience due to its specialisation in applied science.

University College London – England, UK
Post-graduate courses in forensic science from UCL are held in high regard due to the global opportunities offered by the university, including different scholarships. UCL also boasts a rank of 3rd best university in Europe.

Glasgow Caledonian University – Scotland, UK
Glasgow are looking to the future, offering a digital security and forensics BEng and BSc, as well as degrees in forensic investigation and forensic psychology. They also offer opportunities for a year in the USA or Europe at partner institutions. They ranked fifth in the UK Complete University Guide Subject Tables 2019.


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