Working at German eForensics


„We care about people, products, profits. In that order.”

by Jim Barksdale


Working at German eForensics means working in an ambitious team. Openness, honesty and mutual trust characterize our corporate culture. Thus, we work and communicate in a positive and down-to-earth manner. The more challenging our goals, the bigger our motivation. We believe in our product and together we manage to achieve success and overcome difficulties that we encounter.

Our team consists of a group of young (and young at heart) professionals who like to have fun at work and deliver relevant customer benefit. We value young talents and support creative minds dedicated to their profession – whatever it may be.


Ulrike Winkelmann at EVISCAN

“The product EVISCAN is fascinating”

Ulrike, Sales

my name is Ulrike and I am responsible for consulting and sales at EVISCAN. I advise potential customers, do presentations and keep our CRM system up to date. Also, I take care of everything else that comes up concerning Sales e.g. the organization of trade fairs.

I like the product EVISCAN because it is quite fascinating: it´s innovative, unique and exciting. Thus, we address a very interesting cliental. Our prospective customers are very curious about EVISCAN and open-minded towards us. Ever since we are developing EVISCAN, we are in close contact with practitioners. This way, we are getting a lot of attention as well.

Working globally with agents and authorities can be pretty challenging. However, this is what makes every project new and distinct and adds variety to my daily work. At EVISCAN, the teams work together very closely and help each other with their tasks. This way, we learn so much more about fingerprint detection – and going to work is even more fun!


Ehsan Ravari, Agent for EVISCAN

„Great to be part of the team and work at the forefront of innovation in forensics”

Ehsan, Agent for EVISCAN

My name is Ehsan Ravari, as the acting Business Development Manager at Scientific Analytical Tools, I constantly seek for the latest techniques and developments used in the field of forensic science. Via our company SAT, I act as a distributor for EVISCAN in the Emirate Dubai.

EVISCAN is a new product which is unique in the world without having any competitors on the market. Due to that and the high degree of innovation, potential customers are very interested in the product – especially as EVISCAN shows great advantages compared to traditional forensic methods. Furthermore, there are attractive conditions offered for distributors as well as I am exclusively in Dubai taking responsibility for the region. I have a good and easy cooperation with EVISCAN as it is a highly professional and always reachable team which is expert on his field. I am proud to be part of the team and work at the forefront of innovation in forensics!


Wibke Baudach, EVISCAN

“I am an integral part of the team.”

Wibke, Developer

Hello everyone!
My name is Wibke and I come from Berlin. After graduating in architecture and gaining some experience in my job I decided to make a new start and study computer visualization in Koblenz. However my knowledge in architecture is a big advantage for my job at German eForensics. Because I am responsible for the composition and conception of the graphical user interface of EVISCAN’s software, my knack for design helps me a lot.

I really enjoy the working atmosphere in the Technologie Zentrum Koblenz. Here, many young start up companies gather and we can exchange on technical problems as well as casual topics. What I like most about working at German eForensics – besides the beautfiul view on the river Mosel – is feeling free to develop own ideas while having the support of my colleagues. This is when I realize, that I am an important part of this team.


“Diverse projects and a steep learning curve!”

Jan, Business DeveloperJan Mahlstein, Business Developer bei German eForensics

Hey everyone!
My name is Jan and I am currently studying in the MSc Program in Management at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar. For approximately two years, I have been responsible for business development and controlling at EVISCAN, however, I also take on strategic tasks of all kinds.

Why do I work here? Well, mainly to prove my abilities in a dynamic and globally-operating start up while benefiting from a steep learning curve. At EVISCAN, I have the opportunity to work on various projects independently. This includes, for instance, the development of an internal controlling system, sounding out international growth opportunities as well as designing and validating new business models. Thus, I can apply the theoretical knowledge I acquired in college in a practical setting.

What makes EVISCAN unique in my opinion is the open and encouraging atmosphere among all team members. This does not only result in happy workplace, but also leads to a regular exchange with great colleagues from other fields.