CODIS &NDIS (FBI Laboratory Services)

CODIS stands for Combined DNA Index System and is the national DNA database for the USA run by
the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). It is a collective DNA database for three levels of
information in the USA: the Local DNA Index System (LDIS), the State DNA Index System (SDIS) and
National DNA Index System (NDIS)

Trace Evidence Analysis

Trace evidence is usually found when two objects touch or when small particles are disbursed by an action or movement allowing them to persist on individuals and items. Moreover, trace evidence is typically a microscopic substance with unique and identifying features. When these microscopic substances are recovered some sort of forensic analysis has to be carried out to examine the unique features of these given particles. The types of evidence we will look at specifically are the most common which include: glass, fibres and hairs.

Safety in a Criminal Laboratory

Safety within any lab is essential for those who work within it, a crime lab is no exception and must abide to standards and regulations to protect their workers. Safety within labs can be defined as the protection of the workers from any danger, risk or injury.

Forensic institutes worldwide

There are many forensic institutions around the world to promote (development) quality, the advancement of science and exchange. Through organized associations, it is possible for the members of the various subject areas to exchange views on the latest problems and to inform themselves about new developments in research. For the continuous development of scientific standards, there are world-renowned organizations that face the challenges of forensics in order to contribute to general forensic education.

EAFS – European Academy of Forensic Science

The “European Academy of Forensic Science Conference”, in short EAFS, is the biggest meeting for forensic scientists, experts and those, who are interested in the field of forensic science.
The conference ist organized by the EAFS Committee and the “European Network of Forensic Science Institutes” (ENFSI). This year’s conference will be held from the 27th to 31st August in the convention centre of Lyon in France and is hosted by the “Institut national de la Police Scientifique”. EVISCAN and ist technology was presented already in ist early stage at th EAFS2015. This practical feedback enters into every new development of our product EVISCAN.