EAFS – European Academy of Forensic Science

EAFS 2018The “European Academy of Forensic Science Conference”, EAFS, is the biggest meeting for forensic scientists, experts and those, who are interested in the field of forensic science. The conference ist organized by the EAFS Committee and the “European Network of Forensic Science Institutes” (ENFSI). This year’s conference will be held from the 27th to 31st August in the convention centre of Lyon in France and is hosted by the “Institut national de la police scientifique”, headed by Marcel Authier.

The history of the EAFS started in 1997 when 470 experts from 39 countrys met in switzerland to exchange about ideas and practises in the field of forensics. Since then the EAFS was held every three years in a different host country. Poland, Turkey, Finland, Scottland and the Netherlands had the honor to host the world-famous conference.

Since 2011 with its EFSA 2020 plan, the EU is aiming to build a European Forensic Science Area and a forensic science infrastructure in Europe. With this purpose forensic scientists faced many challenges in the last years. The EAFS2018 refers to the long “forensic odyssey”, the development of forensic milestones from Edmond Locard to the EFSA2020 plan. The three-day meeting will give an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas to see what has been done so far and what needs to be developed, designed and improved in the future. There will be workshops and courses held by forensic experts as well as plenum discussions. This year’s meeting will be structured in four topics: Forensic Intelligence, Forensic humanity, Forensic response against terrorism, and Forensic challenges. Participants are invited to look forward to an exciting and informative event, which offers a great opportunity to get in contact with forensic scientists and expand their network. It is most likely that the visitors questions can all be answered.

EVISCAN and its technology was presented already in its early stage at the EAFS2015. The practical feedback of the forensic community enters into every new development of our product.

topics of EAFS 2018