International Association of Forensic Science

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IAFS is the short form for “International Assosiation of Forensic Science”. This association operates worldwide and was founded for academics and practicing professionals from a wide range of specialities of forensic science.

The history of IAFS started in 1957 when F. C. Thomas was the first president of IAFS, hosting the first meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Over the years cities like New York, Oxford, Paris, Tokyo and many more had the honor to be a host city, latest Toronto in 2017. As already mentioned before, the IAFS is a worldwide association, which causes a change in host city and president triennial.

These IAFS meetings are a chance for forensic scientists, forensic pathologists and death investigators, so as forensic laboratories doing trace analysis (fingerprints, DNA, drugs etc) to get together with police experts and other forensic science branches (forensic scientific research,medical law, forensic antropology etc).

Participants can expect one very intense week, full of workshops, speakers and exhibitors from completely different fields of forensic. How did the branche develop over the last years? How do other forensic experts all over the world work? What are new technologies and breakthroughs that lead to entirely new dimensions of forensic? And what are possible future perspectives? These are all fundamental questions at IAFS that participators are trying to find answers for.

After all, IAFS is a great chance for interested people, working in the field of forensic, police or closely related organisations. Everyone has the chance to attend the workshops and presentations that allow them to advance where they wish to. The next IAFS will be in Sydney in 2020.

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