IFRG – International Fingerprint Research Group

latent fingerprint

IFRG is the abbreviation for the International Fingerprint Research Group, which is an association of forensic scientists that was founded in 1974. Its aim is to exchange knowledge, to promote young scientists and to pioneer and discuss research in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. The IFRG should follow the principles of the Gordon Research Conferences. These principles are the exchange of knowledge between scientists, discussion of peak areas of research to keep and maintain the small network of scientists at a high level.

Forensic researchers, who are active in the field of forensic fingerprint research, can be a part of the international fingerprint research group (short: IFRG). They are constantly in search of new methods in the area of the fingerprint forensics and identification. The IFRG provides, among other things, a guide to the assessment and development of available forensic methods.

Conferences are held at regular intervals that serve to exchange and discuss topics in the area of fingerprint security. The researchers have an opportunity to present their methods, to get new ideas for their own research or to give new ideas and perspectives. So current trends and future developments in the forensics industry can be derived.

The first conference was held in London, United Kingdom, in 1974. In 2001 the conference was hold in Naurod, Germany and the so far last one in Patiala, India in the year 2015.