New Upgrade available for EVISCAN

suction board


In the context of the constant enhancement and optimization of EVISCAN, a suction board has been developed which can straighten out wrinkled or creasy items like plastic bags or newspapers. Applying this upgrade, originally wrinkled evidences can also be analyzed easily with EVISCAN and latent prints are secured within a few minutes.

The suction board functions due to a vacuum, created by a connected fan which is operated by a pedal. Based on the vacuum and numerous air inlets in the board, the evidence on top of the suction board is straightened out.


The following example of a plastic bag reveals the difference as well as the change of surface when applying the suction board:

plastic bag after applying the suction board plastic bag before applying the suction board


The following pictures illustrate screenshots of the EVISCAN software which reveal the advantages of the application of the board:


Screenshot of plastic bag before applying suction board


1. Screenshot of a detail of the plastic bag before applying the suction board.




Screenshot of plastic bag after applying suction board


2. Screenshot of a detail of the plastic bag after applying the suction board.




Secured latent print on plastic bag


3. Secured latent print on the plastic bag. Possibility for image optimization and export to AFIS.




Would you like to experience live within only a few minutes how this innovation can make your work day in the lab much easier? Just arrange your personal demo on-site or online demo comfortably anywhere HERE.