Preserving latent prints on curved surfaces – new possibilities with EVISCAN

curved surfaces- batteries

Time and again we were asked lately if it is possible to analyze evidences with a curved surface like batteries or gun cartridges with EVISCAN. Being constantly on the look-out for new challenges and striving to satisfy the customers’ and clients´ wishes, we intensely worked on that question and carried out several tests as well as pushed the development.

As a first step, a test series with batteries of different sizes was conducted. The goal was to find out how much the curvature effected the depth of focus and the depth of field.

In order to find out about the significant quality of the pictures EVISCAN takes of latent prints on curved and round items, a test series was carried out using batteries. Those are standardized internationally. Thus, a globally identical comprehension of the certain curvature is possible without problems.

A variety of seven batteries with different diameters and shapes were analyzed, as can be seen in the following picture. In general, it was asserted that EVISCAN produced good or excellent results on all analyzed batteries, which the following chart indicates (color code: dark green = very good quality, light green = good quality, yellow = moderate quality):

Examination of batteries (curved surfaces)

Find below a series of pictures of secured latent prints and convince yourself of the high quality:

fingerprints on batteries detected with eviscan
fingerprints on batteries detected with eviscan

This applied logic of securing latent prints on batteries can of course be utilized regarding other curved items by experts like you in your daily practice.
How interesting is it for you to have a software solution available which converts recordings of curved or round items into flat pictures? Let us know if you are interested in further information about the securing of latent prints on curved surfaces and if this topic is as exciting for you as it is for us using the contact form.