Thermography as new path in crime scene investigation – state police presents EVISCAN at “IdeenExpo 11”

Ideen Expo 2011

Besides a huge police helicopter in the middle of the educational science fair “IdeenExpo 11”, which took place from 27.8. to 4.9.2011 in Hannover, visitors could see how the prototype of EVISCAN is working. The Criminal Investigation Department (LKA) of the federal state Lower Saxony showed that EVISCAN makes fingerprints visible within a few seconds on a porcelain plate. Detlef Fricke is a police helicopter pilot and described EVISCAN as an innovation on the world market: “In the past, we had to examine fingerprints with use of chemicals, so that the trace material was influenced. Now we can make use of EVISCAN which allows us to detect fingerprints without any contact.”
EVISCAN’s innovative technology went with the topic of the LKA’s stand which was the usage of thermography in

crime solving. The fair “IdeenExpo 11” with more than 200 exhibitors is meant for young people to become curious about job-related perspectives in the field of natural science and technology.

A video about EVISCAN at “IdeenExpo 11” can be found here.