EVISCAN acquires treacherous latent prints from adhesive tapes

Advantage for drug agents: Fingerprints visualized with EVISCAN could expose drug dealers

traces on a drug packageParcels, fully wrapped up with adhesive tapes, are common exhibits for forensic laboratories to be analyzed. The simple reason: smugglers try to well package their illegal goods, for example to fool a drug sniffer dog. A piece of adhesive tape, especially its sticky side, can be crucial evidence to identify a drug dealer. Because fingerprints on the sticky side of a tape cannot be removed or smudged they can immediately lead to the person, who has packaged the narcotics.

To support forensics, EVISCAN provides a reliable method that is suitable to examine both, sticky and non-sticky side of adhesive tapes.

Easy to deal with: Rippled surfaces

A drugparcel, typically wrapped in duct tape. Despite its wavy surface it can be easily processed with EVISCAN, regardless of whether it is black or silvery gray. Results immediately can be saved as digital images and do not need to be photographed in a seperate work step.