Remove interfering background patterns easily with EVISCAN

EVISCAN software enhances visibility and contrast via background suppression tool

removal of interfering background patterns with EVISCAN

Even the most detailed and accurate latent print to be preserved can turn out to be a difficult task for experts. If colored or patterned backgrounds hinder visibility of the ridge detail, the process of photographing the results is interfered. Due to the fact that photography in its basic idea imitates the human eye it can see what our eyes see, which is visible light within a 400 to 700 nanometer wavelength range. Thus an interfering pattern in the background will remain visible and be an obstacle to dactyloscopic analysis. Even using grayscale images will barely improve the results because anatomic details and minutiae points overlap with background noise.


How EVISCAN gets the job done:

EVISCAN’s image capturing technology relies not only on light as visible to the human eye. Its technology visualizes infrared radiation together with visible radiation, hence gathering much more information about the surface it is looking at. This means that only the chemical structure of colors has influence on the acquired results, but not necessarily their appearance to the human eye as in visible light. Secondly, EVISCAN provides a software tool that is able to suppress interfering backgrounds easily. How EVISCAN works, is shown in this video.