EVISCAN – for a safer workplace

Processing latent prints with EVISCAN protects users health and prevents from potential hazard.

eviscan working table
eviscan working table light barrier

Most traditional methods to generate a contrast between latent prints and the substrate require numerous aids. These include respirable powders, aggressive chemicals or fumes, several of them hazardous to our health. EVISCAN instead resolves the challenges forensics face today by using sophisticated high-tech. With only some mouse clicks EVISCAN can obtain results in a purely optical scanning process. Thereby it ensures full security and control for the user.

While its stylish yet robust casing guarantees a secure standing and shields interfering signals in the lab, smart technology inside protects the users health. Stable axis and motors quickly and effortlessly position the scanning head manually or automatically to the point of interest. A glare-free and invisible light-grid recognizes every intrusion and automatically shuts down any machine action even before the user could bring his hands onto moving parts. Quality to us also means quality in workplace safety.


EVISCAN safety poster

We attach great importance to a safe and healthfriendly working environment for everybody. Download our free saftey poster and always have the most important precautions at hand when utilizing chemicals to visualize fingerprints.