Reveal the presence of blood without chemical reagents

Secured with EVISCAN: blood stains on dark clothes and bloody prints.

blood on a knife at a crime scene

Bloodstains at the scene of the crime can provide strong evidentiary links to the suspect and help to establish the facts of the crime. Because they are particularly persistent, even a thorough cleaning that eradicates all visible blood is no guarantee that the perpetrator will be free of any suspicion.

Mostly, hemoglobin in the blood leaves traces that appear when treated with chemical reagents and other blood reagents. For example, when chemical reagents are sprayed over areas of suspected blood staining, latent blood evidence will glow a blue/white color in the dark. Could the development of bloodmarks and bloody fingerprints be another field of application for EVISCAN? Tests have revealed that in some cases it is possible to visualize bloodmarks with EVISCAN’s purely optical approach to evidence detection. Find some results below!

bloody fingerprints and stains detected with eviscan

Have suggestions for further examinations or tests?

We are always looking for new and exciting case configurations – whether with genuine exhibits or by creating posed test cases. Some police departments have already brought tricky exhibits of their cases to EVISCAN – of course in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. So every possibility has been used in order to perhaps find more traces while obtaining the evidence in its original condition. If you have any cases that might be interesting to further look at, please contact us: