EVISCAN supports Caritas‘ wish tree

German eForensics realizes Christmas wishes for children

christmas charity

This time of the year, not even German eForensics is only about research, development and forensic science but to a matter of the heart: every Christmas there is a so-called wish tree of the Caritas-Association. In 2015, we were happy to take part in this special project: the wish tree is a Christmas tree is decorated with stars. Each of these stars contains a Christmas wish of a needy person who is taken care of by the services and facilities of the Caritas Association. The gifts will be sent directly to the people.

Last year 600 wishes were fulfilled with this campaign! Together we were able to make some desired stars come true and organize some little things for the children. Even Caritas Director Martina Best-Liesenfeld was very happy with the wish tree campaign: “Thanks to the great support, there will be many beaming faces and shining eyes of children on Christmas Eve.” We believe this to be one of the nicest and most rewarding ways so say “Thank you for a good year!”

EVISCAN christmas card