Secure pretreated evidence with EVISCAN

With the new, optional UV/VIS ScanKit even porous, pretreated evidence can be analyzed.

 pretreated evidence secured with UV/VIS ScanKit

We’re often asked if classical methods can be performed with EVISCAN. In a series of tests with international experts, we were able to prove that evidence that has already been pretreated can be secured with EVISCAN. Though that evidence is meant for conventional methods, we thought about how to further support and facilitate the working process.

The Solution

The supplement kit can be equipped with 4 customer-specific light sources and filters in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum. This allows you to use EVISCAN as a photographic processing center, meaning: You can now photograph dyes of porous evidence.

As a result, it is negligible for the analysis whether the evidence is untreated or pretreated. With this innovation, you can analyze evidence immediately and without any further steps. Plus, you can benefit from the comfort of our evidence documentation process that includes an automatic report.

In the end, you can utilize the result pictures instantaneously for identification or AFIS-upload. Furthermore, the UV/VIS ScanKit can be configured to your needs and preferred dyes. What the UV/VIS ScanKit looks like and what results we could gain can be seen in the pictures above. Find out how you could improve your lab process with EVISCAN in your individual online demonstration with our developers now.